A journal pen bandolier { or a whatchamacallit }

Last week I came across this journal keeping method called Bullet Journal and I fell in love with it. It is simple, analog and easy to use. I usually keep journals to jot down notes and reminders but they always get muddled up after a few weeks of use and it isn't easy to find what I am looking for. This system simply works. It is not rocket science, just a clear way of doing things.

The problem usually is that I end up losing my pens inside my bag. I googled journal pen holders and saw these bandolier thingies. And said hey I can make me one of those. And so I did. This is version two. The first one was crooked and the edges weren't so neatly done because I folded them inside instead of twice on the outside. I am so happy with the finished result.

I am not worried about losing my pens and I feel super organized which is always a good thing.

What is your favorite “organized” thing you own?

Tilda dolls are my new obsession

Until a few weeks ago I had no idea what Tilda dolls were. I came across them on Pinterest and thought they were the coolest looking dolls ever. They are whimsical yet sophisticated. I love how the options are unlimited and a simple change of fabric you have a totally different looking doll.

I ordered the book Tilda's Studio: Over 50 fresh projects for you, your home and loved ones and just love it. It is a beautiful book. The photography is uplifting and all of the projects are fun and playful. I especially love the wool pixie hat.

But I just had to make a Tilda angel first.


It was fairly easy to make but it was time consuming. The arms and legs are skinny at the tips and were fiddly to fill, not impossible, just difficult. I was apprehensive about making the hair and the instructions in the book didn't feel clear enough. But after a little bit of googling and watching a couple of tutorials on youtube I went ahead and did it. At first I was going to make her hair brown, but brown is boring so I went with pink. She is an angel doll after all and the doll hair police don't care.

I definitely plan on making more. And if you like making dolls, give the Tilda dolls a look.

I don’t want to see another Hello Kitty for a very long time

I am a Hello Kitty fan, but really I don’t want to see the little kitten for quite some time.

I made 36 little zippered pouches shaped like kitty for party favors for my daughter’s 3rd birthday.

I also made 36 little coloring books.

Each kid got a pouch, a box of crayons and a mini coloring book.

I started working on them on Thursday and finished last night.


I wanted to make the cake too, but realized there was no way I could pull all that off.

I really wish I had a Hello Kitty Muffin tin or molds so I could have made rainbow Kitty crayons

Friday’s Finished Object: The Jacket

I wanted to make a jacket for Lulu.  Yes I got obsessed with the idea of making a jacket.  So I spent 3 days looking for the perfect pattern.  Something that looked good and wouldn’t be too difficult to make.  I got the pattern from dear my kids and the pattern is just awesome.  The PDF arrived right away.  Lots of pictures and diagrams clearly explaining every step.  A monkey could make this if they just followed the instructions.  I am definitely buying more patterns from them in the future.  It even included a mini sewing 101 tutorial on lots of basics.  The pattern itself also has the seam allowances taken into account.  I totally hate having to retrace to give seam allowances.

I did mess up the buttons a bit ( one of them is in the wrong place) 🙂 but it is no biggie.  The recipient however is quite happy with her new jacket.

My Creative Space: Finally

I finally got a sewing machine.

Well my husband got it for me as a birthday present. 🙂 He now knows that making stuff makes me happy so he helps fund my creativeness.

Normal people learn to use a sewing machine.

Normal people do not go about and make bags and little girl dresses in their first week of sewing.

Normal people don’t live here.

Yes I found a lovely little dress pattern for Lulu. Complete with a zipper, bias tape neckline and sewing stretched elastic! Enough to make you rip out your hair. I had to do the neck line 3 times, the zippers twice and the elastic twice as well.

But all in all it turned out really cute.
It has lots of mistakes but no one is going to inspect it and she hardly sits still anyway for anyone to notice 😀

I also made this little grab bag using this pattern.
Grab Bag All Full

And yes I finally finished The Age of Brass and Steam kerchief ( free ravelry pattern ) and blocked it too.

Now I am all crafted out, and looking for something else to make or knit or sew or maybe even paint :-).

I’ll go and check out other people’s Creative Spaces to find inspiration.

Quick and dirty way of adding a zipper to a crochet pouch