I’ve dedicated this page to help myself and others commit to their goals. I will be updating with resources and keeping track of achievements.
I need to lose weight and be healthier.
I’ll start you off with 100 clever ways to change your habits and improve your life and Top 10 Ways to Establish New Habits – WITHOUT Discipline.

I used to have so much more discipline, but with a baby crawling around like crazy and a home that needs to be organized all the time, the energy for discipline has gone out the window. My level of self motivation too has decreased immensely. I want to lose the extra weight and I try and succeed for a couple of days and then the brownies start calling me again. I need your support just as I am sure you need mine. I promise to follow up with all of you and cheer you along the way, because cheering is what I do best :-). I love motivating people, more than I like motivating myself and helping other people realize their dreams and potential is what makes me the happiest.

What are your goals?
When do you want to reach them?
How do you motivate yourself?

Join in and leave a comment below.


  • At 2009.05.15 14:13, ibhog said:

    I could see your link on Gjoe’s post, and I like the idea pretty much that it kept me thinking for a couple of days.

    So, what do you think about starting a new blog for that sole purpose, where we all (I see that people are interested) can be authors and post about our goals, and cheer ourselves along the way?

    It’ll be very cool, for instance, I have many things that are way beyond belated, and seems encouragement is the only option I can take now, so one of my goals (that I can start in that blog if you agree about it), will be a post about being fit and working out, then the other authors will cheer me along the way, request post updates from me about how I progress and so.

    In the blog also, once we formed a team to start it with, each one can even post about *all* their goals, just a plain brainstorm of how they want to be in the future in all aspects.

    We can use twitter or text widgets (in WordPress for instance) to broadcast live how all team members are doing through their tasks (or assignments, we can choose the word to even form our own culture in the blog).

    We can have a ‘resources section’, dedicated for things like the ones you posted up there, and we can have discussions and comments tailing it.

    I believe the idea deserves some planning, no rush at all.

    Flash: imagine in the future, the blog gets famous and we can have 10s of contributors that like how doers we are, and we can publish ‘lists of accomplishments’ for each team member. The blog can even have so many activities in the future.

    I know the comment got too long, I’m just excited about the idea, and I suggest that step one is to think about the team that will found this blog, meet and brainstorm ideas about it, make a nice short term phased plan about it, and then kick it off!

    Tell me what you think.

    BTW, you’re definitely on my reader, your space is very nice :)

    Sorry for being noisy!

    • At 2009.05.16 08:23, jessyz said:

      I absolutely love this idea. I love the idea of using twitter and most of all forming a community and team spirit.
      I just have a few reservations:

      We want people who are really commited so the idea doesn’t die in a couple of days or weeks.
      It has to be easy to use, we don’t want people wasting time on setting things up or posting their status or ideas instead of focusing on what’s really important to them.

      Let’s collaborate and see how we can do this.
      No noise at all, I am loving the energy.

      • At 2009.05.18 15:18, Juka said:

        What if the commitment is not a SMART goal? What if I want to commit to a personality change?

        iCommit to following through!

        • At 2009.05.18 16:54, jessyz said:

          A personality change is still a goal, just because it is not tangible doesn’t mean it is not a goal.

          • At 2009.11.19 14:48, Amira AK said:

            hey i saw this this morning in The Guardian.. thought it was relevant..


            good luck and i’m all with it :)