The Big Geranium for little G {Sewing}

I fell in love with the Geranium dress by Rae when I saw it the first time, sadly it was only sized up to 5 years.  My daughter is 5 but she is on the tall side so I usually need to size up and felt it didn’t make sense to make a dress she could only barely fit into and didn’t include any larger sizes.

So when Rae announced the release of the larger sizes I was so happy I have been in a sewing mood lately.  Making grocery bags is one thing but a dress is a totally different story.  It might be the same thing for some, but you can ignore mistakes or errors in a bag but not on your child’s clothing.

Yesterday, I decided to sew it up. I purchased the pattern and printed it out.  It took a few hours from start to finish.  Rae’s instructions are very clear.


My grandmother had given me the floral fabric last year and I had never gotten round to using it. I realized that it would not be enough for the whole dress. And last winter I got rid of all of my scraps and donated them because they were taking up so much space and I didn’t think I would need them. Luckily I found some white cotton that worked beautifully with the floral fabric.


The size 6 is a perfect fit and the length is just perfect. I chose to do view B, which is basically the faux cap sleeves and the skirt is pleated instead of gathered. I liked the flutter sleeves but I have a problem with gathering, which is not anyone’s fault except mine. For some reason I end up fighting with my sewing machine and I always feel the gathers are never exactly symmetrical (does anyone else feel that way?) and that annoys me. So pleats are the way to go for me.


I also confess I was going to reconsider the pattern when I realized it needed three button holes. I don’t have anything against buttons, but I dislike having to make button holes. I almost always mess them up. But this time I took things VERY SLOWLY and measured three times before actually making them. The first one doesn’t look so good but you can’t see it, the second two are great. I found the three matching buttons in my button stash and they were a good match.

Overall, I am very happy with the pattern. The instructions are clear and easy to follow with a lot of pictures to help you along the way so even a beginner could make this dress confidently. I also love the finished dress, it is cute and summery and doesn’t have that homemade look we all try to avoid but looks handmade with love which is what we all aim for.

If you have a little girl this dress is definitely a winner.

Another grocery bag

Last week I made two small grocery bags using Keyka Lou's pattern. I was in ikea this morning and found this super cute rainbow striped fabric. It is home dec weight so it is quite substantial.

I decided to make the largest size because you can never have too many reusable grocery bags. I use mine all the time. The cashiers still give me weird looks when I tell them I don't want a bag because I live in the land of consumption. Most stores sell reusable bags, but almost no one ever uses them. I always want to give people a thumbs up when I see them refusing plastic bags.

Sewing this took no time at all since I was already familiar with the construction and didn't need to read the instructions.

This is my giant uncoordinated blanket which I have been knitting for months. It is on 10mm needles which give me cramps after a couple of rows so it is going super slow.


Here it is next to the smallest size. I still have more of the fabric, I think I might make all three sizes using it. It is just perfect. Large enough for a trip to the store without being too big.

I have been busy sewing grocery bags and making other stuff

Yesterday I decided I needed to sew something. I have been wanting to make Keyka Lou's grocery bag since I saw it the first time. I love how the bag is structured and always felt it could be used for lots of things.


I made two. One for my daughter and one for myself. It is a clear and easy pattern. I highly recommend it.


I made the small size which is perfect for carrying my works in progress. I want to make the large size for groceries.

And today the 5yo and I played with clay today and we made sad looking figurines. Need to make more to get better at it before I crack out the polymer clay.


I also took out the embroidery floss and made a plain friendship bracelet. They are so much fun to make.



And some more bracelets. Sweet instant gratification.


{Sewing} A new knitting project bag

Sock Knitting Project Grab Bag

I am not sure what made me do it.  I just felt that I needed a sock project bag and remembered All People Quilt’s grab bag.  I cut out the peices and sewed it in an hour or maybe an hour and a half.  It was fun and I am loving it.  When I first got my sewing machine this was probably the second or third thing I made.  It was horrible.  I can’t find a picture of it.  It was a reminded of how skills change, you learn to do things and they are no longer a struggle.

I have stopped trying to cut fabric using scissors and instead use a rotary cutter. I know when I need to pin and when I can just wing it. I also know that I need to press seams out EVERY time because when I don’t my sewing looks like a cat chewed on it and then threw it in the trash. I have also learned to press fabric before I cut it, it takes 10 minutes but makes everything easier and the finished thing is always sharper.

Sock Knitting in Progress

Just like socks. My first pair of socks were terrible.  They were so terrible I threw them in the trash.  I knit a test sock in neon orange acrylic yarn.  It was so scary that I thought I would never knit another sock again.  And then I kept trying, and learning.  I can now knit socks top down, toe up, on DPNs and two at a time on one needle.  If you told me that before I had learned I would have told you that you were crazy.


Friday’s FO: Reema Doll

Reema DollMy sister inspired this doll, I used the Black apple doll pattern. It took a couple of hours to make.  I should have been knitting but I just felt like doing this instead.  I enlarged the pattern to 180% so it would be larger than the first Lulu doll I made.


The first one I made using the pattern printed without enlarging at all so it is small.

Lulu and Reema Dolls
Here they are side by side. The original one is already bursting at the seams from all the love (abuse) by the 4 year old.

These dolls make wonderful gifts and are really easy to customize.

Friday’s FOs and what happens when I really get the making stuff bug

Yesterday I got the make stuff bug. The little voice in my head was a little high on something for some reason and kept telling me I need to make stuff. I took my little girl and we got fabric pens, marbles, cute tape measures, dye, 4 white t shirts, a scarf and some orange ribbing.

Do you see where this is going?

First we played with the marbles. My husband and daughter played a lot of marbles, apparently she is a cheat and stole his marbles.
Pretty Marbles

We also had an argument about who gets which tape measure. I was eventually given the pink bear. The reason I got a 4 year old a tape measure is because she plays with mine and I don’t like measuring things with chewed tape measures. And they were SOOOOO cute.
Bear Tape Measures

I pulled a t shirt on a clip board and used this beautiful illustration which is originally an embroidery design. Of course the little one decided to “help me” and since I had 4 t shirts I gave it to her and she started ok then started scribbling. It is still cute though. It is a reminder of letting down your hair and doing stuff just because.

Little Girl Drawing on a tshirt

When she was done, I pulled another t shirt out and drew the illustration myself. It turned out really cute but next time I think I am going to get something that has more texture to it for drawing things like this. Ironically there was a summer when I was a child when my mom made us lots of t shirts this way. It is nice but it looks just the way it is, like someone took some markers and drew on a t shirt, so I am thinking slightly puffier paint might look better.

Fabric Drawing

The other two t shirts got tie dyed. That’s why we got marbles. I did one in stripes and on with the marbles. I think they turned out awesome. Dyeing stuff is something you have got to try at least once in your life.

Tie Dye T shirts

And then there was a skirt. I used KitschyKoo‘s tennis skirt pattern. It is really easy. Let me say it again, REALLY EASY. My only problem was my fabric. It is a directional fabric that was originally a scarf. Earlier that morning I found a really funky cotton knit scarf with owls on it and thought hmmmm, that would be a really cute dress or skirt for my daughter. When I got home I realized it wasn’t wide enough, but not to be discouraged I cut 4 of the skirt pieces without folding instead of just two pieces. But because I am super smart I cut them all the same way, I should have cut two on the right side and two with the pattern flipped so the owls would all be in the same direction.

Tennis Skirt

Luckily it is not that obvious and I am totally loving it and so is she. The pattern includes an optional back for little girls that are more rounded in the belly and behind. I didn’t use it and now I am thinking I should have because the skirt looks slightly shorter in the back than in the front, again nothing too obvious but next time I am definitely using the back piece.

The Handmade Outfit

And just in time for skirt week.


Click on over and check it out, there are some totally awesome entries.

Just Make Another One

I could never make two of the same thing until I started knitting socks.  You finish the first sock and then you need to make an exact same one in the same size, pattern and color.

So on Friday after I had made a quick dress, I felt the need to make another one.


Technically it is still a WIP because I am working on some embellishments.

And remember the blue yarn from Wednesday?

It is another Princess Peplums Cardigan but with short sleeves and in fingering weight instead of sport weight. It is blocking right now and I like how it turned out.

But one thing is for sure, sock knitting teaches you discipline or else you are plagued with second sock syndrome.